Turn Your Vision Board into a Vision Book!

Turn Your Vision Board into a Vision Book! Vision boards are great, but they are static, stuck on a wall, often overlooked.  My vision boards evolved into a VISION BOOK. It goes where I go, reminding me why I do what I do everyday, what's important, and my goals and visions for the beautiful blessings to come. Grab some friends, get the kids involved, let your creativity flow, have some fun!  Sophia had a blast cutting out photos, inspiring words and creating her own Vision Book! I'm a huge fan

Non-Toxic Products I Use Daily

Non-Toxic Products I Use Daily I was blown away by the response from my last Facebook Live video when I scanned typical household products using the Think Dirty App and showed their rating, 0-10, 0 being super clean, 10 being toxic junk.  I just found out about the Environmental Working Group's app called Healthy Living, and love it even more!  We have so much information at our fingertips, there are healthy options!  I'm thrilled that people care about reducing their toxicity and learning more about cleaner products that work just as

How Toxic Are Your Home/Skincare Products???!

How Toxic Are Your Home/Skincare Products???! This Facebook Live video I did a few days ago got over 2,500 views and dozens of shares, I'm thrilled to see that people care about their health and learning more about the dangers of chemicals hidden in everyday products. I discovered an amazing, FREE app called "Think Dirty."  You can download it to your smartphone HERE, scan products, and instantly see the toxicity level of the product:  a score of '0' being extremely clean and safe, and a score of '10' being extremely

Jackson’s Story: Why I Do What I Do

Jackson's Story:  Why I Do What I Do Today, I did a Facebook Live about Jackson's story with Autism, what I've learned and information that everyone deserves to know before making medical choices for their children. If you're new to researching vaccines, check out my blog post: Vaccines 101: Where To Start and Understanding the Hep B Package Insert There's so much we're not being told that we deserve to know!   Know Better, Do Better,

Video Gone Viral: Hep B Vaccine Package Insert

Video Gone Viral: Hep B Vaccine Package Insert On June 23rd, 2017, I did a Facebook Live video about what I learned from reading the Hep B Vaccine Package insert.  I never know it would be shared 147 times and be viewed over 6,000 times!  I'm thrilled people are open to hearing this information and am committed to continue to put out videos to inform everyone about the information about vaccines that you are not being told.  Everyone deserves to make educated, informed decisions about medical procedures for their children!

Non-Toxic Skincare!

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