10 Things To Let Go Of To Move You Forward

We all strive to be the best we can be and to continually improve and develop ourselves. How amazing does it feel when you’re confident, in the flow, crushing your goals and really living life?!  Best feeling ever!

How amazing is it that we have so many choices in our lives?  We choose our career, what we eat, how we schedule our day, the people we associate with, what we wear, how we show up in this world, our passions and so much more.  We also have control of what we choose to hold on to and what we choose to let go of.

To be fully in a state of clarity, flow and authenticity, it’s time to let go of the emotions, events and beliefs that keep you stuck in that vicious cycle of doing what you do that keeps you in a state of anger, guilt, hate, resentment and overwhelm.

Are you ready for your inner strength bootcamp?!  Are you ready to LET. IT. GO????

It’s time to stop being in a state of being checked out, in doubt and mental chaos, to transitioning to a space of fully trusting yourself and total self power.

Repeat after me…(yes, say it out loud, in your confident voice)…

“Now that I am grown up, I commit to letting go of beliefs and events that don’t serve me.”

Whewwwww, deep breath, doesn’t that feel good?!

One more time, “Now that I am grown up, I commit to letting go of beliefs and events that don’t serve me.  I choose to let go.”

Repeating this affirmation allows for release of those limiting beliefs and opens up space for all that does serve you: abundance, love, choices, family, friends, success, happiness!

Step into your power and trust yourself.  You know.  YOU KNOW!!  You have complete control of your thoughts, words and actions, so own it and stand tall in your POWER!

Below are 10 beliefs and events I choose to release.  Can you relate to any of the following?

Let Go Of...

Letting go and releasing is a choice.  I don’t claim to be an expert, it’s something I’m conscious of every day.  It takes effort, practice, repetition and catching myself when the the negativity creeps in. I am committed to letting go in order to create space for what I want.

We cannot control every situation, but we absolutely have the power to control our mindset, beliefs, actions, and who/what we surround ourselves with.

What did I forget on my list above?  Are you committed to letting go and stepping into your power?