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1610, 2016

Paleo Cake Pops: Video & Recipe

Paleo Cake Pops I remember making cake pops for Sophie's 4th birthday (5 years ago), using the cheap-o 99 cent cake and frosting mixes.  They turned out great, when Sophie asked me this morning if

1510, 2016

Rapid Prompting Method

Rapid Prompting Method ((If you are totally new, click here to learn more about Jackson's Story.)) What a whirlwind of a few days!  It's amazing how everything can change in the blink of an eye.  I always

410, 2016

Juicing vs. Shakes: Video

Juicing vs. Shakes I'm all about health and finding what works for each individual person.  I always weigh what will save me time, money and stress, and I love having both green juice and shakes on

110, 2016

My Kind of Flu Shot! (Video)

My Kind of Flu Shot! Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall. The Flu is not a season!!!! Listen to my thoughts about the Flu Shot and "Flu Season." Know Better, Do Better,

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