3 Easy Tips to Cook Smarter NOT Harder

3 Easy Tips to Cook Smarter NOT Harder Don’t ask me why, but I always find myself motivated to cook, clean and organize on my weekly cleanse day...today!  Cleanse days give me the focus, clarity and energy for a productive day.  On my cooking To-Do list: Jackson’s banana pancakes and prep tonight’s dinner. I'm not

Webinar: Healthy Families Revolution

Webinar:  Healthy Families Revolution Isn't that a cute picture of Sophie and Jackson!?  I cannot believe how fast time passes! My passion is health.  Healthy moms, dads and kids.  Life can be enjoyed and lived to the fullest when we're in optimal health.  Health is Wealth! Thanks for tuning in as I share my story...

“Awesome” Sophia Pearl

As I write the title to this post, I’m laughing, because one thing Sophie does not lack in is self-esteem. She’ll be dancing around the house, singing to herself a made up song, “I’m awesome, oh yeah, that’s right, I’m so, so awesome.   How can I be so awesome, I just am awesome!” Ha! And

The Story of Team Jackson

As I was cleaning out files on my computer, I stumbled upon this piece I wrote a couple years ago. My friend, Robin, was compiling stories for an ebook, documenting the journeys of families with Autism. I wrote this piece on March 26h, 2014, nearly two years ago. At that time, I was job sharing

My Superhero, Jackson

I’m sitting here on my couch with my morning coffee, laptop, and a dog sprawled over my lap. My mind is racing (getting plenty of exercise:) as I contemplate what content to include in this first blog post for my website. I am passionate about so many things, but don’t want to verbally vomit on