5 Reasons I’m Healthier at 35 than at 20

5 Reasons I'm Healthier at 35 than at 20 I debated keeping this chapter of my life closed and just moving forward with the here and now, but my goal is to be an open book, keeping it real in my journey through life.  I know I'll be able to help others out there through

What I Ate Today

What I Ate Today Thursday...I'm a little behind! I've read several other blogs and always like reading and seeing what others eat throughout the day, so I'm giving it a go!  My food philosophy is to eat a variety of foods, eat when you're hungry, stop eating before you're completely full, drink lots of water

Why Network Marketing

I write this with love and excitement, because I used to be that skeptic of Network Marketing. “I have to order through you?” “Why don’t they advertise on TV?” “I don’t involve myself in those ‘Pyramid Things.’” “The person at the top makes all the money.” Now that I fully understand the business model and