Goodbye February, Hello Healing!

To say February was a health-awakening blur would be an understatement.  From my general doctor feeling a “suspicious” nodule on my Thyroid→ultrasound→Endocrinologist→biopsies→surgery consultations→SURGERY→well differentiated Papillary Thyroid Cancer=WHEEEWWWW, what a whirlwind!

Hello March 1st (Happy Birthday, Mom!!)!  The day after surgery, a new month, so grateful to have a few quiet hours to myself to breathe, read, rest and reflect.   I’m 35 years old, in great health, had no Thyroid symptoms (or any symptoms, for that matter), impeccable bloodwork, workout nearly every day and eat properly.  How could I have this slow-growing cancer in me all these years and not know it?!  How long have I had it?  How much did it spread?  How did I get it?  I’m trying to make sense of my February Health fiasco, but am coming to realize it’s ok for it not to make sense, and that it’s another brick to lay in my life’s journey.

My learnings from this experience:

☆My belief is reaffirmed that health is all we have.  We owe it to ourselves to invest in our health and treat our body as the temple it is, for if we lack health, we lack wealth.  Our daily food and lifestyle choices, are either feeding disease or fighting it.

☆I LOVE NURSES!  I was in a huge amount of pain after surgery and the many nurses who took care of me, walked with me, and checked in on me were so kind, giving and truly cared about me.  I was reminded of the power of a smile, an arm to lean on and the healing nature of touch.

☆Be proactive!  It had been nearly 3 years since I had seen my general doctor.  I was busy taking Sophie and Jackson to their appointments, and I was outwardly “healthy,” so I skipped my yearly checkups.  I figured I would feel symptoms if anything were “off” in my body.  I say this with nothing but love and adoration for the amazing human you are, but TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST!!!

☆I’m so fortunate to have Misha by my side, and wonderful family and friends who supported us through this intense month.  Going through this experience with love, gratitude, acceptance and belief that everything was going to be ok was monumental.  I can’t control Thyroid Cancer, but I can control my reaction to it, how I view it and my thoughts surrounding it and moving forward.

☆I have a newfound love and appreciation for scarves, can’t wait to start rocking them!

Thank you again for your kind words, prayers and support, I feel so grateful to be surrounded by this immense love❤️.

IMG_8695 IMG_5985

With love and health,