How Toxic Are Your Home/Skincare Products???!

This Facebook Live video I did a few days ago got over 2,500 views and dozens of shares, I’m thrilled to see that people care about their health and learning more about the dangers of chemicals hidden in everyday products.

I discovered an amazing, FREE app called “Think Dirty.”  You can download it to your smartphone HERE, scan products, and instantly see the toxicity level of the product:  a score of ‘0’ being extremely clean and safe, and a score of ’10’ being extremely toxic, chemical-laden and carcinogenic.

Check out my video below as I put the Think Dirty app to the test:

The products I use for my skincare, shampoo, sunscreen and makeup is from BeautyCounter.  They are committed to no-compromise ingredients and prohibit the the use of over 1,500 harmful and questionable ingredients.  To learn more about their products and order, go here:

Cheers to health and reducing toxicity!