It Was Thyroid Cancer

I have gotten so many calls, texts, messages and prayers these past few days, and can literally feel myself surrounded by positive, loving, healing energy.  I am just so thankful❤️.

I’ll have more information later this morning when Misha and I speak to the surgeon, but that “suspicious” nodule on my thyroid was indeed cancerous, so a complete Thyroidectomy was performed to remove my whole thyroid.

I’ve been up and about walking the halls, and feel pretty good other than a horrible sore throat, making it super painful to swallow.  Pain medicine wasn’t helping at all, so I’m just riding it out and drinking lots of tea.

Misha and my family have been so amazingly supportive and are taking the best care of me and allowing me peace of mind that the kids are in the best hands.

I just wanted to send out this quick update to let you all know I’m well, recovering, and am beyond grateful for your outpour of love.