Jackson’s Story: Video

These past 5 years have been a whirlwind for our family.  I’ve been through every emotion imaginable: grief, sadness, anger, gratitude, fear, you name it, I’ve experienced it.  There is  NOTHING easy about Autism.  I know hundreds of thousands of other families are experiencing what I’m experiencing, and it’s heartbreaking that this is becoming the new “normal.”  We don’t have support from the medical community, we have to fight for services, not to mention throwing a MAJOR kink in our home life:

-I cannot work away from home (without hiring an Au Pair)
-We don’t take family vacations
-I have never heard Jackson say, “I love you”
-Jackson rarely sits down and doesn’t really hug or cuddle
-Jackson has been in the midst of being potty trained for the past year and a half (still in diapers when we go out)
-The feces I clean up and wipe down is a daily occurrence
-Jackson takes 2-4 showers a day
-Jackson is usually good about taking outings on the weekend, but you never know when/if he’s going to have a rough time, start screaming, or get into something he shouldn’t.

I don’t say this for anyone to feel sorry for me or Jackson or our family, I’m just being ridiculously and completely transparent and honest.  This is our normal.  This has been our normal for the past 5 years.  And I know other families have daily experiences FAAAAAR tougher than ours.  So really, I’m grateful in so many ways.

I share this all with you because I’m in such  good place.  A place of peace, happiness, gratitude, and enlightenment.  Jackson truly is my best teacher and helps me do things everyday I otherwise wouldn’t be doing.  Jackson has led me on a path to better myself, and, in turn, connect with others to help them.  I know our journey to find the proper medical treatment for Jackson is far from over, and I know there are interventions out there that will help Jackson thrive and help him step into the best version of Jackson he’s capable of becoming.

I’m so thankful for these past 5 years.  I’m surrounded by the BEST (mostly online) community of health warriors and truth-seekers, I’ve learned so much about health, wellness and detoxification, and I’m able to connect with so many other families living parallel lives.

Did I ever think this would be my life?  Not in a million years.
Am I thankful I’m in such a place of peace as I go through this “Autism” journey?  YES❤️

Part 2 Q & A

Know Better Do Better,