Juicing vs. Shakes

I’m all about health and finding what works for each individual person.  I always weigh what will save me time, money and stress, and I love having both green juice and shakes on hand.  I have at least a shake a day because they make me feel good, fill me up, and I know it’ll taste delicious.  That being said, I am re-committing to a few days a week of juicing.

Watching this video for a second time, I don’t think I gave our shakes the recognition they deserve…

-$2.85 for all this:::::::
-Full Macronutrient meal (correct blend of protein, carbs & fat)
-Digestive enzymes
-60 essential micronutrients
-11 grams of sugar (from organic apples and beets)
-Grassfed undenatured whey protein
-DELICIOUS/kid friendly
-No artificial flavors, colors, ingredients

Keep up whatever good work you do to maintain your health!

Know Better Do Better,