What You Will Discover in Your Guide:


When my son was diagnosed with autism, my family and I came to the conclusion that we had to change our lives from the status quo to the toxic free. In “My Guide to a Toxic Free Life” I share with you every single product I use and have been using for the last decade when becoming a toxin free household became a matter of life or death. 

  • Kitchen Supplies – We often overlook the affects that chemical filled kitchen supplies can have on us our families Health. In “My Guide to a Toxic Free Life” you will discover which kitchen supplies will keep your family healthy.
  • Household Cleaning Items – Every spray, scrub and sweep of a broom can either have a negative or positive affect on our home’s health. This is why I choose to surround my hope with toxin free products.
  • Water Filtration Systems – Water is a critical part of detoxifying our bodies and as long as our bodies are filled with toxins we cannot enjoy a healthy vibrant existence.
  • Hair & Body Care – What you put on is just as important as what you put in. I want to show you what keeps my families skin toxin free.
  • Baby Products – After raising two children of my own, one of whom was diagnosed with autism, I have learned how to keep my children toxin free from the earliest age.
  • First Aid Kit – Emergencies happen and it is key to make sure we are prepared for them when they do. In this guide I highlight exactly what we make sure to stockpile in the event that life decides to take a drastic turn.
  • Bedding – You are how you sleep. From the sheets you lay on to the covers you snuggle under, your bedding can have a major affect on how restful your sleep truly is.
  • Energy – The aura of a room/home is everything. So long as we lack direction in how to keep the balance of our homes we will lack a crucial part of creating a truly healthy environment for ourselves.
  • Toxic-Free Apps – At the end of the guide I give you a list of the apps that help me keep my life toxin free.



My son’s autism changed everything…😔

Before his diagnosis I was unaware of the detrimental health risks that were associated with just about every household item we had.

Knowing that my families safety was in danger, I knew I had to take a leap towards a toxic free life by switching out everything from our laundry detergent to what went into our whole foods shopping cart. 🌿

To some giving up the norm is a risk, but in reality it is a risk to not be aware of how everything around you and how it is affecting you and your family

When we have a powerful enough why, most of ours being our families, we will do whatever it takes to change everything in the name of health.