Paleo Cake Pops

I remember making cake pops for Sophie’s 4th birthday (5 years ago), using the cheap-o 99 cent cake and frosting mixes.  They turned out great, when Sophie asked me this morning if we could make cake pops, I couldn’t bring myself to use GMO fake food.  Funny thing, I actually had  every single ingredient needed to make the entire batch of cake pops.  Pretty nice having an organic, gluten free baking cabinet stocked….want to see it?

After Sophie saw the ingredients…Coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut sugar and coconut flour, she said, “but I don’t like coconut.”  Her comment cracked my up, and I assured her they wouldn’t taste like coconut.  I wish I had recorded her eating her finished product, because she said they are delicious and worth the work:-)

As Sophie mentions in the video, this process takes a while, from baking the cake to freezing the cake pop balls to packaging them up.  Just don’t expect these to be done within an hour, it’s a multiple step process, but totally doable!

Sophie’s blue and white hard coated icing is no Paleo, but everything about my chocolate cake pops are gluten free/dairy free/organic/limited sugar…and delicious!



img_4971 img_4988img_4993


img_4995 img_4997

Have fun making these!

Know Better Do Better,