Recipe: Avocado Pudding

***EDIT on April 2nd, 2016***

Jackson will now go over to our cabinet, open the door and help me make his Superfood Avocado Pudding/Supplement mixture!  He will take the canisters from me, unscrew the caps (a skill that has been on his IEP: Individualized Education Plan for years) and pour in the protein powder, Fruits and Greens!  He has never done this before!!  Jackson does not make requests for much, he’s super motivated for his pudding!

I’ve posted a few pictures of Jackson eating his Avocado Pudding and had so many comments wanting the recipe.  I tried finding the recipe, but soon realized I don’t follow anyone’s exact recipe and over the years, have combined a few recipes to make Jackson’s perfect Avocado Pudding.  I don’t even measure the ingredients when I’m making it, just throw everything together and blend…super easy!

Avocado Pudding     IMG_9066

Keep in mind, this recipe will not make a sweet chocolate pudding.  I end up mixing this pudding with all of Jackson’s supplements, and include 1/2 Tbsp. of SugaVida sugar when I serve it to him, so I sweeten it right when I serve it.  Though you could easily blend in honey, dates or SugaVida with the other ingredients.  I’ve even used 1/2 of a super ripe banana for added sweetness.

IMG_8185          IMG_7926

Sophie is off of school this week, so I’m so lucky to have her help me record this video for you guys.  Make sure you watch to the very end so you can see our amazing rap skills.  Ha!  Happy Avocado Pudding-making!                     


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