Suspicious WHAT on my Thyroid??!!

I debated writing about this.

Do I slide under the radar and and just deal with this quietly?

Or do I share this moment I’m experiencing in my life?

After much thought, it’s clear I MUST share my story.  I assure you it’s not to draw attention to myself or have you feel sorry for me…If this post helps just one of you out there face adversity with more strength, or taking the initiative to get your thyroid checked, then I will have accomplished my mission.

I don’t go see a doctor regularly since I’m super healthy…not on any medications, exercise 6 days a week, eat a clean gluten free diet and feel great.  I scheduled a physical with my doctor since it was required to complete the application to be a substitute teacher.


Weight….7 pounds down (AWESOME!)

Blood pressure, breathing, vision, hearing…normal.  My doctor was actually super interested and impressed at my healthy lifestyle, and how I take care of myself through diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Thyroid….”I’d like to have you get an ultrasound on this right side of your thyroid and bloodwork done.  I feel a growth, and 90% of them turn out to be benign, but let’s just stay on the safe side and have it checked out.” ~Says my doc.

Of course, not a problem, I’m always proactive with my health, so I’m on the table with an ultrasound technician later that week.  My doctor called me a few days later with those ultrasound results telling me not to worry at all, but wanting me to see an endocrinologist specialist for a biopsy.

My bloodwork came out perfect…no obvious red flags in any area, including thyroid function.  Three samples of my thyroid were biopsied, and a few days later, my endocrinologist called me back in….

“Your nodule is suspicious for Papillary (well differentiated) Thyroid Cancer.  Your nodule is 2.2cm and slow growing, and suspicious enough that I’d like to refer you to a surgeon to have it removed.” ~Endocrinologist

My first reaction was WHAAAAAT??!  I’m 34, healthy and make it a priority to take care of myself.  How does a 34 year old have (maybe) cancer??!  I was immediately on the phone making an appointment with my holistic doctor that we take Jackson to.  I gave him the rundown of the biopsy results and he CyberScanned.  The CyberScan confirmed abnormalities in my Thyroid, and thank goodness, didn’t show any other problematic cancerous areas. (I’ll do another post at some point about CyberScan Technology  My holistic doctor created a homeopathic detox remedy to address what showed up on my CyberScan results, which I now take every morning.


Yes, I always want to treat things as natural and holistic as possible, but when you throw around the word CANCER, I’m alert and am open to following the (allopathic) doctor’s recommendations.

Note, this is all within a 3 week period, Misha (my incredibly supportive husband) and I are now meeting with the surgeon to discuss options, treatment plans, and surgery.  Because of my innate drive to get.things.DONE…my surgery is set for this Monday, February 29th.  The surgeon suggested anytime within the next 3 months, however, in my mind, I want this out of my body, whether it’s cancerous or not….

What we learned with my surgeon, Dr. L, is that we’re not sure if it’s cancer yet.  She will start the surgery, remove the suspicious nodule and immediately send it to the lab.  Within 15-20 minutes, the results will be in whether it’s cancer or not.  If it is NOT cancer, she will remove 1/2 my thyroid.  If it IS cancer, she will remove my entire thyroid and any other suspicious matter around the lymph nodes.  Dr. L said that out of 100 people, 65% would turn out to be cancer and 35% would come back benign.  Either way, the surgery is necessary.

I’m not happy at all about being on Thyroid medication (or any medication) the rest of my life, but what other choice do I have?  If this suspicious nodule DOES turn out cancerous, Dr. L explained that in a month, I’ll have to use radioactive iodine to kill off any remaining cancerous cells around the Thyroid.  I am still researching more into this phase of treatment, since I hesitate to put anything radioactive in my body.  I thank the heavens above no chemotherapy or other radiation is necessary, and that the solution to this ordeal is a simple 2-3 hour surgery to remove the nodule.

How do I feel about what’s unfolded in these past 3 weeks?

Number One: Gratitude.  Thank goodness I went into the doctor’s office when I did and she felt the nodule.

Number Two: Gratitude.  I’m so thankful I have the resources and support in my life to deal with this situation                            quickly, have the surgery, recover, and move on.

Number 3:  Bring it, I am a warrior.  I’ve been thrown curveballs and obstacles in my life, and I am stronger for them.  I’m staying centered, in power, educated, and am dealing with this quickly and painlessly.  There’s no reason for me to feel emotional or helpless right now.  I have all the faith in the world, no matter if this comes back cancerous or not, that this hiccup in my life’s journey is just that…a small bump that I’ll hop right over to get to the other side.

Thank you for caring about me so much and taking the time to read my story.  I am full of positivity, optimism and love, and continue to tell myself affirmations each day to set myself up for success.  I open my heart and sing the joys of love.  Thank you for the outpour of love, thoughts and prayers.  I feel the loving energy pour in❤️.

I will be sure to check back in with you after my surgery to share the results.