Video & Recipe: Banana “Nice” Cream

I’ve been procrastinating.

The struggle is real.

This blog has been sitting dormant the last couple of months, definitely on my mind to post, but excuses kept coming up…

“I’m doing more Facebook Live Videos”
“I have other exciting projects in the works”
“I’m supporting my Team”
“It’s summer and I’m playing with my kids”

All valid excuses, but, know what?!  This is a priority, and I scheduled it in on my planner today, so I’m making it happen.  My “I should write my next blog post” became, “I am committed to writing my next blog post.

Thank you for the warm welcome back, and my goal is to post twice a week, so check back in for updated content!

I do my explaining in the two videos about Banana “Nice” Cream, so please watch, and let me know any questions that come up, I’m always happy to personally respond and troubleshoot to make the recipe work for you:-)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Basic Recipe:

Banana 'Nice' Cream

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